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Based on the results of audiology testing, 24% of adults in the United States have noise-induced hearing loss, a problem that can be prevented with an earmold assistive. Kevin Sharim, and the team at Sharp Hearing Care Professionals provide a wide variety of earmolds, from advanced plugs that selectively filter loud sounds to those that protect your ears while swimming. If you’d like to learn how an earmold assistive can prevent hearing loss, use the online booking feature or call one of the offices in Oxnard, Santa Barbara, Tarzana, and Santa Monica, California.

Earmolds Assistive Q & A

What should I know about noise-induced hearing loss?

One of the top causes of hearing loss is exposure to loud noise. Noise-induced hearing loss may result from a single exposure to intense noise or frequent exposure to loud noise over time. Industrial machinery, loud music, power tools, snowblowers, and lawnmowers are just a few of the possible sources of loud sounds that can cause ear problems.

Loud sounds damage the sensory receptors inside your ear, which prevents them from sending signals to your brain. As a result, you can develop permanent hearing loss.

Signs of noise-induced hearing loss include difficulty hearing soft sounds, a normal conversation that sounds muffled, and tinnitus — ringing in your ears.

How does an earmold assistive protect my hearing?

You can prevent noise-induced hearing loss in two ways. The first is to minimize your exposure to loud sounds by reducing the volume when you listen to TV shows, movies, or music. The second way to protect your hearing is to use custom-fitted earmolds or earplugs.

The audiologists at Sharp Hearing Care Professionals protect your hearing with earmolds such as musician in-ear monitors and shooting plugs. Musician monitors protect you from loud sounds without distorting the music. Advanced shooting plugs can enhance normal speech while protecting your ears from loud firearms.

Can I get earmolds for other purposes?

Yes, the team at Sharp Hearing Care Professionals offers a wide variety of custom-made earmolds, including earplugs, for purposes other than blocking out sounds. For example, they offer swimming plugs to keep water out of your ear and sleeping plugs to block out sound at night.

Earmolds can have another important purpose — hearing aids can be made with customized earmolds. The decision about using an earmold for your hearing aid depends on factors like your personal preferences and your type of hearing loss. However, earmolds are often recommended for patients with severe hearing loss.

How are earmolds made?

To customize your earplug, your provider at Sharp Hearing Care Professionals makes an impression of your ear canal and outer ear. After ensuring your ear canal is blocked, so the molding compound doesn’t touch your eardrum, your provider injects a soft material into your ears.

The compound stays in your ears a few minutes until it firms up, and then it’s removed. The impression is then used to make your earmold.

To schedule a consultation for an earmold assistive, call Sharp Hearing Care Professionals or request an appointment online.