About Sharp Hearing Care Professionals

About Sharp Hearing Care Professionals

The highly qualified audiologists and hearing aid specialists at Sharp Hearing Care Professionals provide comprehensive hearing services at four locations in Oxnard, Santa Barbara, Tarzana, and Santa Monica, California. The team, led by Kevin Sharim, works tirelessly to ensure each patient receives personalized care, whether it’s for a hearing evaluation, a hearing aid, or treatment for ear problems.

Initial audiology consultations include a thorough ear examination and hearing tests. After, the staff devotes time to talk about treatment options and explain the wide variety of hearing aids, personalized assistive listening devices, and customized earmolds. 

At Sharp Hearing Care Professionals, patients can choose hearing aids in many styles from today’s top hearing aid manufacturers, such as Starkey®, Widex®, GN Resound, Sonic Innovations®, Signia®, Phonak, and Unitron™.

Whether patients are new to hearing aids or they’ve used them for years, the friendly staff at Sharp Hearing Care Professionals uses its extensive expertise to ensure every patient gets the right hearing aid to fit their style and needs.

The team at Sharp Hearing Care Professionals provides free in-house service for the life of the hearing aid and a free trial lasting up to 60 days on hearing aid purchases. They also offer free house calls with an appointment.

In addition to being a premier provider of hearing tests and hearing aids, the team at Sharp Hearing Care Professionals diagnoses and treats hearing problems such as hyperacusis, misophonia, and tinnitus. They also make customized earmolds to protect hearing from ongoing exposure to loud sounds, or for swimmers who want to keep water out of their ears.

The team at Sharp Hearing Care Professionals is available to help everyone with hearing loss. Schedule an appointment today by calling the office nearest you or by using the online booking feature.